About ChinchillaBluePhotography

I’m an amateur photographer with an interest in both digital and analog formats. As a teenager, I used to take photos with my dad but then disappeared into corporate life for many years before awakening from the coma. I rediscovered photography about two years ago, along with writing.

My equipment is basic:

  • Nikon D40 DSLR – my original baby
  • Sigma 18-200m f/3.5-6.3 DC OS lens
  • Fujiyama macro lens
  • tripod and some home-made gold and silver reflectors
  • Diana F+ camera – a faithful recreation of the original 1960s “toy camera” – with assorted lenses.
  • Smena 8m Soviet era camera
  • Superheadz “Pink Dress” 22mm (Wide Angle Lens)My aim is to get more “plastic fantastic” cameras as I love the old film look these cameras can give, especially the Diana F+. Kicking myself that I didn’t buy the Hong Kong Meow edition when I was in Hong Kong recently.
  • All my photos are All Rights Reserved, which in plain English simply means: you may not copy or reproduce my photos in any way without my permission.
  • For those who want to know my name, it’s Kim Martins and I live in New Zealand.

    Usually there is a difference between photos and life. But in your case, there is a very rare fusion: poetic, melancholic, truthful, the essence of beauty, and, I’m sure, a part of your skin in each one“. Antonio127 (Flickr email)

    I was just browsing your stream and I have to say I am so incredibly amazed by your photos!” T.Renfrew


5 replies to “About ChinchillaBluePhotography

  1. Hi Thinkingshift, great photos! I’m dead impressed and really like what you’ve shared here (as well as the storytelling behind them). Good luck and bring back the lomo! Pad Thai

  2. Hey Pad Thai!!! Great to see you on CCBP site. How’s it going in the Middle East and where are your photos of the desert?? Bring back the lomo indeed..more lomo shots will uploaded soon. Take care Pad Thai.

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